Finally discovered that I actually shouldn't / couldn't do without. =)
Most of them are in German, they're marked with a (G).

Disclaimer (writing this stuff cuz it's, sadly enough, recommendable nowadays):
(1) I'm not paid for linking to any of these sites, it's just cuz they have to do with me or I think they're worthwhile or they show my opinion which, as far as I know, I am still allowed to express freely.
(2) I do not take any responsibility for the contents of pages I'm providing links to. (- this is an utterly silly idea: who would think I wanted to be made liable for stuff I've linked to for the reasons mentioned in (1) but which I haven't even written?)

Family / Friends (G)
Jojo, my brother - about him and various stuff such as quotes; new design every couple months (G)
Björn, my boyfriend - about him (incl. stories, poetry) and some funny pics
Juniper's Universe (G)
Gaby, one of my friends - about her, lots of interesting stuff (you did ask people to promote your page, didn't you? : ) )
(Blue) Sunfox
Chrissy, my best friend - unfortunately there's not much on this page so far
Pets / Animals
a cavy fun site with lots of "pigtures", worthwhile!
Deutsche Meerschweinchen-Liste (German guinea pig list) - very useful with many expert tips
Langhús Farm in Iceland - my fave Icy page with loads of info, e. g. all the colors Icies can have, most fascinating
Frank's Homepage (G)
interesting info about the names of Icelandic horses (it's a tradition to give them real Icelandic names - which most people find difficult to pronounce, but it just belongs to having an Icy ; ) )
Fressnapf (G)
the place to go for pet food, also most of their prices are lower than in other shops; I've known it for almost half my life and spent a lot of money there... it's my correspondent to what "Tiffany's" is for Holly Golightly in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" = )
all kinds of info regarding my fave car model
Renault Space Car Club
a casual free online club that I'm (you'll guess it) a member of : )
Places (G)
Bonn's online community
University of Bonn
Bonn's University - maybe you'd like to come here to study? ; )
Bonn's Cathedral Place (Münsterplatz) (G)   -  B/W View over Bonn (G)   -   Bonn's Market Place (G)
WebCams with views of Bonn
everything about Iceland
Dallas Skyscrapers
info about Dallas's skyline, incl. impressive pictures
great page, interesting and helpful, by travelers for travelers, promoting individual eco-friendly tourism
Schools / Education
Helmholtz Secondary / High / Grammar School (G)
(whatever) where I spent 10 years and graduated
Ludwig Erhardt Vocational College
where I'm spending 2 years to become a state-approved commercial foreign languages assistant
Studium Universale at the University of Bonn (G)
this is where I found "my" Icelandic course, very useful (they do offer a real lot of foreign languages!)
Yahoo! Groups
a kinda mailing list with lots of additional features (my groups: Twingo, DBS and "Kathy's Corner", plus I'm a member of various others)
Yahoo! Calendar
it's just useful - see mine
My Yahoo!
the central, accessible from any comp with internet access - for all the important stuff: bookmarks, notepad, addresses, weather, photo albums, briefcase, comics, news, ... ; customization level: extremely high : )
Other Useful Pages
Calculate duration between two dates
ever wanted to know how old you are in days? Or anything else that's countable in seconds? ; )
LEO Dictionary (G)
the online German-English / E-G dictionary
Sahm Gallery
simply beautiful paintings - if you want to have a look at one site only, pic(k) this one (G)
they sell beef djerkey online without s/h fees... very useful = )
Virtual Crack
don't be shocked, it's only virtual fun ; P

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